About us

Who are we

With twenty five years of commitment and work behind us, Plastoza SA de CV has become the leader in its area --transforming and commercializing polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, aluminum and paper. Plastoza was founded in 1980 in Naucalpan, Estado de México, and since 1995 along with Master Products, Servicios Administrativos y Operativos, and Comercializadora y Distribuidora Alfa, formed GRUPO VENDES. Together they've become the most solid consortium on its field.

Resources and facilities

7000m2 (75250 ft2), equipped with the highest technology on its field and 150 qualified and committed workers, guarantee the achievement of our two primary goals: have the edge on developing products and the complete satisfaction of our clients.

-Six extruders with a capacity of 650 tons a month,

-A plastics thermo-shrinker machine with a capacity of 350 tons,

-Three color flexo-graphic presses, all together with a printing capacity of 270 tons a month,

-Equipment to manufacture mechanical originals, to make blueprints and pre-press, and a polymer plates processor used in the flexo-graphic printing,

-One FMC machine for a wicketted perforation, four CMD machines and another four for lateral and bottom sealing, with a capacity of 250 tons a month,

-A high-capacity solvent less laminator, and

-a laboratory specially dedicated to quality control, makes us the company with the largest and best capacity of response.

Our commitment

by offering them the most innovative solutions on packing, the highest quality products, and a service that is caring, efficient and on time.